Davisville Eye Care

Preparing for your Eye Exam

First step to improve your eye health!

When booking your appointment:
Briefly and clearly describe any vision concerns you may have (such as which eye, what are you experiencing, how long it has been going on for) and when you would prefer your appointment. Appointments can be made by phone, email or contact us page on our website.

To your appointment:
Bring your eyeglasses, contact lenses boxes, and OHIP card. Sunglasses are also recommended because the eye drops used during the eye exam make patients more sensitive to light for approximately 4-6 hours after the appointment and more difficult to focus up close.

The eye exam will take:
30-45 minutes where the optometrist will evaluate both your vision and the health of your eyes.

Call us at 647.345.3833 and schedule an eye exam today!