Davisville Eye Care

Children’s Eye Exam

For children under age 20

How long?

15-20 minutes


What to Bring?

OHIP card and current eyeglasses


What to Expect?

Eyeglass prescription check, eye alignment and eye health check



Children under the age of 20 are covered by OHIP once a year. Any follow up exams are complementary at our office.


This exam is a modified to accommodate to children from 6 months to 19 years old .  Dilation drops are not used on children unless it is found necessary by the eye doctor after the first visit. Your child does not need to know the alphabet. Instead, they are often asked to identify shapes and pictures during the eye exam to make sure their eyes are developing properly and to see if glasses are needed.  For infant and toddlers, an objective test is done, so being non-verbal is not a problem.


Children’s eye exams are covered by OHIP once a year. We recommend for children to have their eyes checked as early as 6 months of age, and once a year after the age of 3. You can also bring your child at any time you suspect there to be an eye related problem or issue.

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