Davisville Eye Care

Frame and Lens Fitting

A wide range of eyewear collections designed to complement your style

How long?

Until you find a great frame that works for you!


What to Bring?

If you're looking for a new frame: Your prescription

If you need an adjustment or repair: Your glasses


What to Expect?

We will help you select frames that suit your style and prescription, also adjust the glasses to ensure good vision and a comfortable fit.



Glasses adjustments and cleaning are always complimentary.  We have a large gallery of frame selections.  Come on in and see what we have to offer!


Our optical dispensers, Ada, Irene and Peggy are here from Monday to Saturday to help you find that perfect pair of glasses. They can also assist in any adjustments or repairs you may have. They are knowledgeable with both our collection of frames and different types of lenses so they can recommend options that would be the most appropriate for your everyday lifestyle needs.

Drop by at our new home and say hello!