Our History

2007 – Ada started Eyedentity Eyestyles in the neighbourhood with Dr. Brenda Li and Associates.

2014 – We expanded and became Davisville Eye Care.

2022 – Moved to our new home, with more services and technology offered to our patients for a comprehensive eye care experience.

Seeking to offer her clients comprehensive care, Ada formed a partnership with Dr. Brenda Li and associates. As a result of this collaboration, Davisville Eye Care was formed. As we outgrew our space and expanded our services over the past 7 years, we have moved twice within the Davisville neighbourhood to better serve our patients. Our new clinic opened our doors in Spring 2022 – come pop by for a visit!

  • Dr. Brenda Li

  • Dr. Cassandra Ng

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  • Dr. Bethany Lo

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  • Ada

  • Laura B.

  • Armela

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  • Dayle

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. A comprehensive eye examination is provided by an Optometrist who is trained to examine, diagnose, prevent and treat diseases and disorders of the eye. Your Optometrist will be able to refer you for surgery when necessary. A sight test on the other hand is only the measurement for an eye glass prescription performed by an Optician often using automated instruments. In this case, eye health is not being examined and many silent sight threatening diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration are not being detected.
Inside the eyeball there is a clear lens that provides the power to help us focus. As we age, the lens becomes cloudy due to UV absorption and environmental factors. In the early stages of cataract development, changes in glasses prescription can solve the focussing issue. As the cataract matures, surgery can be performed by an Ophthalmologist to remove the cloudy lens and replacing it with a clear artificial lens. Cataracts can occur at any age, however typically it is found in patients over the age of 65.

Glaucoma is a silent eye condition where an increase in eye pressure causes compression to the optic nerve and the patient suffering is asymptomatic. This will first cause the loss of our peripheral vision and eventually our central vision. Glaucoma can be prevented and treated if diagnosed at an early stage. There are many risk factors for developing glaucoma such as age, race and family history. Your optometrist will screen for glaucoma at every routine eye exam.

Macular degeneration is a progressive damage of the macula; a sensitive area of the retina that is responsible for our central vision. There is currently no treatment to stop macular degeneration. Once macular degeneration is diagnosed we can take certain measures to help prevent the progression of the disease. Macular degeneration is one of the leading causes of vision loss in patients over the age of 65. This disease can also be hereditary. It is important to have an Optometrist to detect for early signs of this disease.

In Canada, there are 3 primary type of eye care professionals provide services. Optometrists are doctors of optometry. They are trained to diagnose, treat, manage and prevent diseases and disorders of the eye and its related structures. Optometrists may also provide, fit and adjust glasses and contact lenses for patients who require them. Ophthalmologists are physicians who graduated from medical school that have special training in diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders of the eye. They may diagnose and treat ocular diseases either by medical or surgical means. Opticians provide, fit and adjust glasses and contact lenses and are often found in a retail setting.

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