Vision and Learning

Vision problems can contribute to struggles in learning and can co-exist with learning disabilities. Finding the causes at the root of the learning obstacle will allow for proper treatment.

Don’t let your vision impede your learning ability – a comprehensive assessment with one of our optometrists will help pinpoint perceptual and functional issues that affect learning.

Eye Turn and Lazy Eye

Lazy eye, or amblyopia, is an early childhood condition in which a child’s eyesight does not develop as it should in one eye. The term “lazy eye” is misleading because the condition is caused by a developmental problem in the nerve connecting the eye to the brain, not a problem in the eye itself.

Symptoms include blurred vision and poor depth perception, and can be caused by a number of factors, including a muscle imbalance or eye disease. Early treatment is effective and encouraged to prevent poor visual habits.

Primitive Reflexes

Holding our head up for the first time, rolling over, crawling and creeping, walking, skipping – all of these require the basic building blocks that began with primitive reflexes.

Primitive reflexes help us move through our spatial world as we develop through early childhood stages of life. When primitive reflexes haven’t integrated within the appropriate time frame, it is important to revisit the missing developmental stages. These therapies will help rebuild the foundation and create new neural pathways, making it possible to retrain the brain, our control center for these reflexes.

Sports Vision

Take your game to the next level with vision training for athletes. Custom-tailored to each athlete and sport, this specialized training includes individualized training plans to build on and enhance reaction time, eye-hand coordination and visualization skills.

Achieve peak performance and gain a competitive advantage in your sport with targeted vision therapy.

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Concussion and traumatic brain injury management

Concussion and traumatic brain injury management If you’ve been in an accident or sports injury, you may be experiencing symptoms such as double vision, blurred vision, eye strain or fatigue, dizziness or nausea, light and motion sensitivity or headaches that intensify with the use of your eyes.

Book an appointment to evaluate your vision and see how vision therapy and injury management can help restore your normal visual functions.

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